Saturday, May 31, 2008

Osmondmania Pt 2

Hoopla ho de ri!.....last night I was transported back to my youth as we visited Wembley Arena to see The Osmonds...all 7 of them together on one stage for the last time ever in England.

We got there to the newly beautifully transformed Arena complex and went inside where the first thing that struck you was that you could cut the oestrogen in the atmosphere with a was a scary concept 90 percent women and 10 percent men! At 8pm on the 30th May the lights dimmed and the audio visual spectacular began.

All seven took to the stage and the audience didn't know who to get excited about first...Donny, of course, got the biggest screams whereas Marie had some very manly whoops from the few men and assorted Lesbians. Jimmy faired well with his share of applause and Alan, who suffers very badly with MS, got a terrific reception as he waved his stick in appreciation. They covered a few hits, harmonising beautifully as they went. Then the stage was left to Marie who sand a few songs and had fun with one of the male members of the audience who she invited up on stage with her to sing 'Crazy' (picture one of the worst auditions for 'Britains got talent' and you would get the drift!) but it was very funny and entertaining, Marie belied her years and looked and sounded magnificent.

Country diva :)

The brothers returned to do a few more and a fantastic medley from 'The Plan' (possibly their finest album). The visuals on the huge back screens were magnificent and really added to the whole concept of the show which was beautifully put together by Jimmy.
After the interval it was some more all together stuff and then it was Donny's turn...the crowd went wild, some fainted, some made themselves moist and some just relived their youth whilst he launched into 'twelth of never' and 'puppy love' which, for me, was a very erotically charged moment.

Marie bounded back on so that they could do their Donny and Marie set...then it was Jimmy and his 'long haired lover' piece.

Finally all the family got together on stage to complete a magnificent performance that will never be seen again.
It was 3 hours of madness, but complete utterly adorable madness being part of the Osmond Family for just that short while.
God speed you lovely people

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sounds like you had fun mate!!