Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day Mascaras

happy valentines day you orrible little scrote bags...hope you had a lovely one and i hope the cherub of love pricked his arrow into some of your big fat lurve asses out there. For those of you not getting laid tonight I present a selection of light reading...refreshments can be provided from your own reserve but i reccommend a nice icy crisp sauvignon blanc to go along with todays approved readings...

First of all I have to point you in the direction of here...

This is the most random protest against scientology that i have ever was peaceful, fun and good humoured...just what protests should be like...I think the scientologists holed up in both locations were pretty embarrassed by the end of the day! An excellent bit of blog use which I would be so proud of if it was mine. Aretha Franklin got all arsey because Beyonce introduced Tina Turner at the grammys with the title 'Queen of Soul'...well Aretha Franklin better get herself off her very fat agrophobic arse and prove to the world that she still is the 'queen of soul' and not just sit there fucking moaning about it!

Oh good god I am deffo hooked on the latest series of 'Torchwood'...for those of you who did not see the second episode of the double bill last night you are in for a traumatic event next week that transcends any other traumatic event in the history of 'Torchwood' prepared. This series is so well written compared to the last and each week brings a new level of emotion to the stories...I may have progressed to a whole roll of toilet paper by the end of the series.
Another series that I am now getting back into is 'Lost'..I am still half way through Series 3 of the programme but catching up rapidly...I can't believe that Claire is Jacks half sister...who the fuck saw that coming!...hang on...didn't he have boinky boinky thoughts towards her in the first few episodes...something to do with a pregnancy fetish bought on by too much womens bits surgeries? Yay Lost!

A great start to the new series of 'Skins', the whole cast has come together really well but I do feel sorry for Tony which I'm not comfortable television characters with a disability of any kind are shown as helpless cases...why should this was a nice touch with Maxie helping him to write his signature. We'll see how it goes but It may turn out that it would have been kinder to kill him off...thats if the writers don't get it right!

ciao xxx

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