Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blog spurt!

hello folks....after a few technological challenges I am back with you once, my pretties...take a shiny cushion, sit on a comfy sofa and let your mind take in all the verbal garbage that is about to appear in front of you ;)

Interviews...why are they so fucking scary! I had an internal interview at work for a new position that they were setting up, so i filled in my application form and waited about a week to be told that I had an interview the week after (today). I went all prepared this morning to be grilled, first of all I had to complete a test (financial and literal) which took 30 minutes, then I had to go and be interviewed by three people that I know relatively well, one of whom would be my new line manager, for another 30 minutes...I got i8n the room and settled down with my glass of water, that was it...I had palpitations, I perspired, I rambled like a twat, I spoke 9 to the dozen and in the middle of it all I just stopped and said 'excuse me for a second but i need to calm down'...i breathed slowly, took a swig of water which seemed to last 2 minutes in slow motion but in relaity was only about 3 seconds, I placed my hands on my lap, smiled and said 'okay, we can go again now'...after that i was okay, tha panic had gone, I started to laugh with them and the rest of the interview went like a breeze. The only negative thing really was that they didn't write much down (which isn't really a good sign in competancy bades interviews) but hey, I did I have to wait till Friday to see what happened...

Blameless Bosses....why is it that when bosses think that they're teams have a negative attitude, the bosses are never to blame...hmmm

'Cancer' by 'My Chemical Romance'

Well it's time for another bit of Piddy I am attempting a sort of Mills and Boon/ Danielle Steele's going to be a sad ride...

September Days (part 1)

It was a Sunday afternoon in late August when Jaqui found out that she was dying...the illness didn't matter, it was the matter of fact way that the words tumbled out the private doctor's full and pouting lips that took her by suprise. Yes, she knew she was ill, yes she knew that it was a long term illness but NO! she did not know that it was an illness that would cut her life short. She stared at the doctor for what seemed to be a whole season and then just looked away, pools of water collecting slowly on the linoleum floor of the upmarket ocean-side surgery. The doctor called after her but she stared into the distance and just walked and walked and walked, further and further along the shore. She passed Seagulls pecking at a rotting rodent corpse, she saw crabs splashing around in rock pools, she smelt the salt in the sea and shook her head as the ocean breeze tousled her hair into tight tiny knots. It was then that she cried, she howled an ungodly sound that came deep from within her tortured body, she wracked every muscle as she uncontrollably wept for things that should have been but never would be...hopes that would never become reality, dreams that would never far as she was concerned it was over.
It was a good two hours before she hit the road home...Jaqui had inherited a 2 bedroomed weather board house in the ocean town of 'Trois Chats', literally translated as Three Cats, so she walked slowly and methodically back, wondering how many more times she would be able to do this. She retreated into the warmth of the house, curled up by the television on the huge family sofa and slept soundly through the hours of the nightfall.

The telephone woke her from a deep sleep. Disorientated she picked up the handset and said a weak and horse 'hello' was a guy called Sammy on the line, he introduced himself and informed Jaqui that he had been phoned by the Doctor and as instructed he had phoned her to have a chat...she didn't know what he wanted but she did know that she needed coffee..she made her excuses and told Sammy that she would phone the Doctor to confirm what he had been telling her, she took Sammy's number and said that she would ring him back later that day...the coffee percolator bubbled and boiled on the stove and the whole room filled with an aromatic bliss.

(to be continued)

ciao xx

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