Sunday, February 17, 2008

The blog about the night out...

Howdy! dudes and dudesses...

Saturday night was a fun evening to go out...I was treating my life partner to a dinner for Valentines so we went out to one of the local Chinese restaurants 'The China Palace', earlier in the day I had phoned up to book a table and the lovely Chinese man told me that I would not need to book but just turn up. So we did. We got to the door...'have you booked''you need to book at the weekend'...i phoned this morning and was told i did not need to book...then lots of running, scowls, chinese shouting and a quick walk to the table which was moved away from another table next to it, thus leaving the man on the other table to nearly fall off his chair as he was using our table as an elbow leaning post.
Having settled down we aimed straight for the crispy duck had just been refilled and i managed to get there just before a big queue formed (or was it me that caused the queue?) I piled my little pancakes up, cucumber, spring onions and hoi sin sauce with a pile of fresh crispy duck and headed back...Mike followed.
Next plateful was a cornucopia of tasting bits with some dim sum, prawn toasts, noodles, king prawn, seaweed (which iwas told was deep fried cabbage but i'm not sure) and satay chicken was lovely, there was so much more to try but I can't eat that much these days...Mike was tempted with a piece of gateau and bought me back a grape (how loving)...where we were sat was just by the pudding section and at one point it looked a bit most of us would sit down and just keep an eye out for replenishments, but not these three heffers that decided to stand right next to us waiting for top ups of caramel balls and yum yums whilst their steely pots of ice cream melted in their waiting hands...they had huge arses and you could see why!'s a nice restaurant although a little busy, next time I might go during the week.

some j-pop for you

We then decided to top the evening off at the local gay pub 'The Barley Mow' was still fairly early when we got there so we sat down and looked one corner were sat a few aged gentlemen, one of whom turned out to be celebrating his eightieth birthday...80 years a queen (that was more than Victoria wasn't it?). His name was Ray, I found that out by walking into a banner saying 'Happy 80th birthday Ray', it had balloons and was most tasteful. I must say though that they did look like the Big Gay Mafia, all in their dark suits with scarves hanging around their off the shoulder jackets. In another corner were the three stooges, three young guys who trailed around like baby ducks looking for a mother duck..they were most amusing, especially when two of them went outside without telling the was like watching a meerkat on heat, his little face was a look of panic until his mates came back in.
The drunken Lesbians were in the music room...they did not give Lesbains a very good name, and were the equivalant of a mans rugby team in a pub...mind you, Lesbians these days look a lot more feminine than they used to, I remember the short haired, dungareed lesbians from my youth..but these are no more..they are still as loud though!
As time drifted by we people watched...we saw the rent boys walking through the pub one way and then the other, looking for an easy target to get an evenings supply of drinks before giving them a quick blowie on the way home to justify their spend out. We saw a very hunky guy (who I knew from somewhere but i couldn't remember...I exclaimed to Mike during the evening that I remembered 'I shagged him...' but then told him it was a lie...he didn't like that ;) ) That poor guy looked like he had been stood up though, he kept looking at his watch and seemed rather dejected and I did feel sorry for him, I've been there...I know how that feels!
The music got louder and the drinks flowed...after a while we decided to go home and left The Barley Mow to revel in it's debauchery for the rest of the night...

That was a great night...

ciao xx

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