Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trout Meat Frenzy!

Is it wrong to be stood with a straight male work colleague and look a guy up and down, make a loud "phwoar" noise and say to your colleague that you think the guy has a lovely arse?...not that I have, it's just that two were eyeing up a couple of ladeez today and I was actually quite offended at what was said..I suppose things don't work both ways in straight world after all.

Aw, I remember the days a couple of years back when I used to answer peoples comments and questions...now I have a fair amount of people reading the blog I get nothing, not one comment or question...c'mon...pleeeeze...i enjoy hearing what you all think about what I write and say...well, when I say 'all' I mean 'all apart from my sister', she can fuck right off!

The Grammys - what a really good show it was...I thought Amy was absolutely stunning and my how healthy she looked, she was positively radiant...if only someone could teach her how to speak properly!...we love her really and her 5 grammys showed up most Americans that were there!...the yanks love dragging them out don't they, Bruce Springstenn, John Fogerty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard...even Tina Turner had a go and managed very well without her Tena senior falling out and splashing to the sparkly catwalk stage. Kanye West was damn sexy, Alicia Keys was hot...

Kanye with Daft Punk

Amy - doin' it large!

Ooh only a week away till Lisa and me go off to Londinium to see Mark Ronson and friends in concert...I wonder if a certain miss Winehouse will pay us a visit?

I'm a bit busy tonight but will be back on Thursday..would you like to hear more of the story 'September Days'...or something else....let me know!

Ciao xx

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Anonymous said...

awww I do love your blurb keep it up it makes me laugh - cry - draw drop mouth open lol

Love always Lisa xxxxxx