Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton for President....

well thats what you will see me cheering on for the next few months...its what the USA needs, a coherent, intelligent woman to lead their country back from the brink of total lunacy which has been caused by the in bred half wit known as George dubbleya Bush. Hilary has it in her and I believe she will succeed...believe me folks, it really would be the right thing. Join me in the crusade :)

well xmas came and went, cool presents, lots of food and drink, illness death and pestulence but i think we came out the other end rather well...i don't think i want to spend any more xmases in England now though, i've had my fill...I'm and exotic person who needs to be somewhere exotic!

Radiohead Nude...a beautiful song from an ugly band ;)

Facebook - the violent option. Did you know that if you type in the web address you normally use for facebook and add a 1, 2 or 3 after the www bit you will get a hyper violent and obscene facebook which does different things like "piddy stuffs your balls down your throat" in Superpoke. You can buy and sell your friends into the east european sex market and get written reports on what happens to them in horribly graphic detail. Also one of the most fascinating things is that it lets peoples imaginations run riot and only recently "Piddy has fisted Ken Livingstone" "Piddy has made Davids rectum bleed" and " Piddy has fingered Lisa with a five knuckle shuffle" great is that!
Some of the applications are a bit tasteless though, such as the "Madeline piece by piece treasure hunt" "which sexual disease are you dying from" and "are you fucked up enough to live until your next birthday"...if that sounds like fun then give it a go, but please say i didn't warn you!

It's a great and beautiful it win oscars!


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