Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The big fool and the hairy chipmunk...

Well! fuck me with a flagpole and call me Daphne....there I was sat with my dead friends at work this evening when there was an almighty crash and a car near enough came flying through the bay window in the other office (well okay, it wasn't quite so dramatic but it sounded like it)I rushed outside to see a poor Peugot with it's little legs knocked out from under him...it seems that a big old van had hit the stuck out wheel of the car and belted it's axel...the stupid thing is that he just drove off with about 5 different people taking down his number plate...it may well be a police visit for him this evening then!

Do you know I actually spoke to a friend of mine who didn't know what 'Cloverfield' is...thats like asking if Chanel make perfumes tee hee.

The pot is now no longer allowed to call the kettle black, it is allowed to say it is an ethnic kettle.

Oh good god has anyone seen that howler of a new soap called 'Echo Beach'...i thought programme making like that went out with 'Albion Market' or 'Eldorado'...it stinks to high heaven...and whats with the weird Jason Donovan accent that he's got and the very mumsy looking Martine (i sang in my fair lady on a couple of nights) McCutcheon. They ooze sex appeal about as much as a used lavatory brush....cleverly the writers have been able to say it's a spoof due to the 'Moving Wallpaper' programme before it (which is genuinely quite amusing)but ther premise of the actual soap is just a rehashed 'Home and Away' type storyline set in the surfers paradise of Cornwall...i know!, i pissed myself laughing too!

Jason as I like to remember him ;)

Wow!...watched the Golden Globe winner "There will be blood" last night...what an awesome film from Director PT Anderson (Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love). Daniel Day Lewis acts as if his life depends on it and the story is just superb...what a treat for the eyes, my first Piddy film hit of the year!

now go batton down the hatches , the big wind's a comin'

ciao x

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