Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bless the flamboyant gentlemen!

Well that was interesting...someone just told me something which i cam't tell anyone else...but it involves the words Tom, Kristian, cock, heaven,! I am sure it will hit the papers when there is not enough news or when a certain someone runs out of money lol ;)

People have been mailing me in their millions to ask what the deal with the Gillian and David pictures is that i posted yesterday...well there is a new stand alone x files film coming out (nothing to do with alien abduction)and it started filming on December 10th, but it may just be a one off...i hope not, a nice occasional film would be good :)

(video is season 5 from scullys perspective with music by Lacuna Coil)

So whats happening in your world today? world is full of light banter, dinner with a close friend, conversations with my lover, thoughts about my mum and dad, rain and wet pavements, smells of wet dogs, wii acrion, Super Mario Galaxy, Lemon popsicle, episode 1 of Prisoner cell block H (691 to go), biscuits, chicken mayonnaise baguette, medication, work, dead people, goodbyes to a leaving friend, feeling fluffy, red wine, taxis....thats what my world is today!

I'll probably be back tomorrow if the feeling takes me :)

ciao xx

YoU THoughT i HaD GONe but i HAve OnlY juST Got goinG, sWEet sWEet meAt

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