Friday, January 05, 2007

Olfactorial Raving...

well that had to be my highlight of the tv year, although the Captain Jack / Ianto kiss was just as hot in the last very romantic indeed..great song too (off myspace)

hope you are all aware that it's 'fondle your friends' weekend...I am sure that this is something that the americans have yet again dreamed up but it was in the paper the other day..the theory is that all friends fondle each other so those that don't have partners don't feel left out and we all have one friend don't we?...can't wait!

for those of you into tacky things, 'Borders' through amazon are now selling the 6 disc '20th anniversary Oprah show' dvd collection for £17.99, what a bargain, and it's magnificent it has all the cringey bits that make you cry and all the stars you could shake a stick at...18.5 hours of Oprah goodness, why hasn't this woman been canonised yet...I can see it in 20 years time, the tomb of St. very cool indeed.

We had a meeting about recycling today so I have now come home and decided to pooh into plastic bags so that it can be used again for something useful, but i don't know what yet..Mum, I'm not being serious here, just in case you though I had completely cracked!

I want to try and take some more portrait pictures so if anyone would like to volunteer...all i ask is travelling expenses and I will take as many pics as you want..anything goes!

The bottle of wine is ready and celebrity big brother is calling ( I would like to see Donny's nadgers please Mr Tv producer) woo hoo!