Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Oscar Time!

Hi all...the Oscar season is well under way and there are some fantastic films and performances to be considered this prediction is that 'The Departed' or 'Babel' will get best film (both of them mighty fine films) although I am hoping that 'Dreamgirls' gets a look in...I sat down to watch this with Lisa the other night and it is just magnificent. The performances by Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy are absolutely spot on with Jennifer Hudsons version of 'I am telling you' being the highlight of the film.
I hope that the best actress award goes to Helen Mirren for 'The Queen', as for best actor I'm not sure but I think Matt Damon or Brad Pitt might get a look in.

Talking of Dreamgirls you have to watch the clip below, Jake Guylenhaal performs a tribute on Saturday Night Live and it's terrific!

In the real world as the backlash against Tony Blair and the labour government continues we all wonder what we will end up with next...more fascistic policies from the Conservative party or a sitting on the fence party where nothing gets done with the liberal democrats in this space. What this country needs is 'real people' in Government, not priveleged people from unreal backgrounds who studied politics at university and think they know what is best for all of us. Until we get this sorted out the United Kingdom will remain a 'second best' country which every other world government turns to for support whenever a crisis appears. The government then waves its hands going 'choose us choose us' like some sort of fucking popularity contest and we end up spending shit loads of money that we as a country haven't got. I think it's time the politicians of this country look to their own doorstep to try and revive industry and actually create a sustainable community off our own backs. Is it any wonder that people emigrate to Australia, America and Canada for much better priced living conditions and a safer living environment. Sort it out!...rant over!

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