Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, Same Shit!

Hi all...happy new year and all that bollocks....just thought i'd drop a quick note to let you all know that I'm still alive!

Christmas was as Christmas is, full of fun and good cheer...I didn't see a single live person on xmas day though...I woke up, pottered around, had a glass of port, cooked lunch, went off to work at the undertakers, went home, couple of glasses of wine, bed...and didn't see a sole! Boxing day made up for that though when I was thrown into the throng of Lisas family xmas get together, kids were in full flow and ate too much beautiful food..a great day but Lisa and I were worn out by about 8pm so made our excuses and left...thank you Pip and Steve for a lovely xmas :) You can see some pics on my Flickr site, especially pleased with the black and white portrait of Ethan :)

So excited...David Lynch's new film is almost here...

It looks wild and fascinating, more of the Mullholland Drive vibe going on...the first film that DL has made in Digital Video...salivating and anxious to see it..

Watched Mel Gibson's 'Apocolypta' the other afternoon, fuck me it's fantastic...if you can put up with subtitles the film is just magnificent. Completely filmed in The Mayan language it shows events just before the end of the Mayan civilization...Gibson has done a terrific job..quick warning, it's very very brutal but not unnecessarily so.

I have some plans for some writings which will be coming up in the new keep tuned in!

If you want a camp laugh then play the 'Desperate Housewives' PC get to be a new housewife on Wysteria Lane and try to uncover the secrets of the neighbourhood...what is clever is that the story is decided by what questions you ask or the way in which you speak to people so there are many different paths you can's hours of fun gameplay.

all for now...meep meep!


Matthew said...

And a Happy New year to you and all others now that im back from the drunken north.
By the way I have had a Senseo for two years and its fab go buy one

Anonymous said...

Yes I had a fab time at my brothers too but too much food lol
I too worked Xmas Day but did see lots of live ppl lol

Happy New 2007 heres to lots of fun, lots of laughter, lots of happy tears and lots of good things to all
Lisa xxx