Sunday, January 21, 2007

smoke free zone

hey hey hey boys and girls...I am just celebrating my 7th day free of Nicotine...I decided to go cold turkey (again!) last weekend and suffered the usual cold sweats, hallucinations during the night and inconceivable hunger...but I'm through, no patches or witchdoctor shit for me...I made it through the rain (so Barry Manilow says).

Is it me or is America becoming even more puritanical day by day, have just watched a documentary called 'jesus camp' which was a very disturbing portrayal of middle class american kids being sent off to summer camp to become the next Billy Graham, enforced bible teaching..hmmm...I also sat down to watch a film called 'A night with the King', now i thought this was going to be a pervy sex film about Elvis...but's about bloody jesus was quite a nice film though about Esther from the bible who went on to become a great leader, it's always good to watch a biblical romp now and then.(I think I might just have saved myself from arguments with proper christians by adding the last sentence)

Not much happening on the music front this year so far...still waiting for the first good album of the year although the Norah Jones one is quite sweet..thats all though, sweet but nothing really different...I want something to be released that will grab me by my hairy ball sack, throw me round the living room a couple of times and leave me spent and weeping in the corner of the wall...I am expecting this from the new Kylie album of course....

ta ta

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