Thursday, December 14, 2006

Steve Adey

Something great here that went under the net in May...a wonderful album from a fellow midlander now living in edinburgh...'All things real' is a beautiful and iconic album which finds our Steve in the darkest of dark moods (think like a handsome damien rice but less caustic). Everything about the album is terrific, the production values are very high and the arrangements are sparse enough to bring out the purity of Steve's voice.

From the opening bells, the album moves through emotion after emotion, throwing in a bob dylan song along the way...a journey which cannot be interrupted for the 40 minutes of the album. The album holds you and won't let go. You come through the other end and grab the nearest bourbon bottle feeling a little ragged and slightly worn (but in a very good cathartic way!)

I really hope Steve Adey and his marvellous band hit the big's not often I like whole albums these days, but there are no fillers, no remixes...just the bits that he wants you to hear. With promises of loads of unreleased songs I hope it's not too long before the next album. You can buy the album for a most reasonable price from the Harmonium records website or go visit Steve Adey on really will kick yourself if you don't.


3Steel said...

had a listen yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Matthew said...

Thanks for the info have had a listen and I like will find out more, cheers