Sunday, December 10, 2006

googled and moved!

ooh it seems i am now owned by google! (what isn't!)...they moved me overnight and it really doesn't look like anything got broken in the process! (the first move that hasn't!) welcome to my new home inside google cyberspace :)

I once nearly met the Queen you know...I was told she had a beard...

Hmmm...since started my part time work in the funeral directors I seem to have picked up an extra tag to my name..its now 'piddy he sees dead people''s just a good job that I liked the 'Sixth Sense' as a film otherwise I would be very downhearted :)

Good news is that we have just booked up a nice Easter Holiday up in the Lake District overlooking Ullswater...1000 feet up a mountain, we being Me, Lisa, Steve and Claire plus 2 small people who shall be named as 'Eddie the adventurous' and 'Emily Sunnysmiles'...if you would like to see where we will be going follow the link

Just got the food shopping to do for xmas and thats it now, Lisa and I are working on xmas day so we are having xmas on boxing day with lisas brothers and families...should be fun!

In a perfect world we wouldn't have to have fundraising tv programmes like 'Extinct' which is currently on ITV....gotta love those Polar Bears :)

more soon...


Matthew said...

Nice part of the world to take a break enjoy

Anonymous said...

ahh we liked that blog
and the place looks fab too
Lisa xx