Sunday, December 03, 2006

How to screw your bank!

woo hoo! if you are like me and have a bank account that takes a mind of itself sometimes then this bit of the blog is for you. Recently a friend gave me a website to have a look at which is run by a guy called martyn lewis, a consumer rights fighter, and on there was a wondrous link called 'reclaim your bank charges' a nutshell it tells you how to claim thte last 6 years of bank charges back off your bank quite legally and there is nothing the banks can do about it!

I followed the instructions and requested the last 6 years of bank statements. I worked out that I had been chrged £545 over that time including interest. I followed the template letter on the site and sent it off to the bank, 2 days later i got a reply saying that the bank charges were fair and transparent!...'however in this case and as an exception they would refund £484 pounds to my account. yippee! Now the reason the banks don't argue with the letters you send is that if it ended up in court they would lose and it would set a precident that everyone in the UK could claim their charges go for it...screw your bank today!

Lisa came round last night and we had a tv ogling session of 'An audience with Take That' followed by the 'Take That Ultimate Tour' on was great to see the boys back and in such good vocal form...the bit of the concert we enjoyed most was when the boys got soaking wet in the stage rain and writhed around...grrrr ;)
Since I was last on the Blog Lisa has lost over 4 stone in weight by following the Cambridge Diet, I'm so proud of her and she is looking more and more fabulous every won't be long before somebody whisks her down the aisle...I just hope I get to be chief Bridesmaid and get to sing at her wedding :)

Had to put up the christmas decorations at work today, they only need me for my height but it looks pretty and I returned happily to my aprtment singing 'Frosty the snowboy' at the top of my voice....onward...


Anonymous said...

another place to try is

Anonymous said...

thanks for the advice i will be tryng that with my scumbag bank

Glad to have you back again enjoying hearing about whats happening in bedford

Congratulations to Lisa too


Anonymous said...

nice you are back
well done lisa

mcaretaker said...

Well screwing your bank is a great way to spend a cold winters night, and its nice to see the blog back. The world is a better place with it in it.
I will have to get in the habbit of checking it again.

3Steel said...

great to have you back mate!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Just a typo in your link, you inadvertently added an "s". It should read moneysavingexpert, not moneysavingSexpert, which takes you to one of those annoying holding pages dolled up with search links.