Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Queens Speech

Hello my loyal readers...

This year has been an Annus Horriblis for me...The first part of the year was taken up by being engulfed by cancer, hospitals, district nurses and occupational therapy...that was then.

This is now, I'm now zingy and very well apart from a slight head cold. Nothing much has changed in the world though...we still have threats of global warming etc...and now I am meant to look after my carbon footprint, what the fucks all that about. So if i get it right, every time i fly away on holiday I have to plant a tree or something as spectacular to counteract my use of carbon emmisions . What a load of old shit!

Work is good (sort of!) and I'm also looking forward to spending xmas day in the funeral directors. At least they won't be wearing silly hats and blowing hooters...although that could be possibly arranged! (only joking...I never speak ill of the dead!)

A couple of films worth watching are 'Stranger than Fiction' (5 stars) and 'Perfume' (also 5 stars)..if 'Perfume' was released this year it would have been my film of the year but as it's out in January over here in the UK I shall have to wait till this time next year to see if anything has overtaken it.

If anybody has a quandry over what coffee machine to buy, buy a Senseo by's terrific and the coffee is bloody can also ask 3steel about that as he has tried my Sumatran and Kenyan blends :)

Well I will now take the time to wish you all the merriest of xmases and see you all online soon...


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