Saturday, November 14, 2009

My life in Warfare!

Hi all...forgive me for not writing this week but my life has been taken over trying to complete 'Modern warfare 2' on my Xbox...nearly there now but had to take a break from the screen!
Some of you who know me know that I am a big Prince fan and today I just really wanted to share with you a couple of my favourites which both happen to be on the same album 'Parade'. The first track is 'Mountains' and I really think this typifies Prince as an artist, it's full of lush production, great horns, electro drumming and superb backup from the rest of the Revolution. In his heyday Prince was to be revered by press and public alike, now preferring to satisfy himself musically rather than go mainstream. The film that these songs cam from was a total flop! 'Under a Cherry Moon' was sort of his homage to a slapstick 1930's farce but with bad acting, rotten jokes and self indulgent attitude the public didn't really get it. The strangeness of the film didn't gel although the interspersed music sections made up for lack of anything else. That being so I love to watch it occasionally for the great cinematography and captured quirkiness of our main star.
Having seen him live on the Parade tour a few times the music became monumental in performance, the black and white stage sets, the stark vibrant coloured suits all added to the occasion and these were the times I think Prince looked happiest on stage, the 'Lovesexy' tour being a mighty close second. Thesecond track was always a live favourite for me and has a certain poignancy about it..listen to the words, get the meaning and have a lovely day... 'Sometimes it snows in April'

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