Monday, November 30, 2009

bloody christmas again!

How many more do I have to live through...I don't even remember liking christmas as a child but I must have done...In my old age it has taken me by suprise that I have become so bloody cynical about it all! I am sure many of you will have a great time with family and, well once again I will be spending xmas day in an undertakers wondering whether I will actually get to talk to a person during the day that will actually answer back...never mind, I will have my dinner when I return from my shift and reminisce about times gone by.

I have a treat for you today, first of all from Damien Dempsey with a song called 'It's all good', I first heard of Damien when I went to see him as a support act to Saint Sinead O'connor, he was phenomenal live, full of rough Irish mate Andy told me he was huge in Ireland and so I explored further. I have three of his albums now and this is one of my favourites...if you listen closely you will hear Saint Sinead warbling away during the verse and chorus...want to know why?, because her partner produced the album and it's wonderful...feast your ears on his bright and thick Dublin drawl and wonder at the awesomeness of this mans songwriting talent.

Secondly we have one of the best dance records ever...just to get you into the party's 'Boogie Wonderland' by Earth Wind and Fire...on this record EWF got just about everything right for the era in which it was released, nothing cheezy disco about these bad boys of funk (even though the costumes were very camp!), wallow in the groove, get out that hairbrush and sing along till the cat screams stop!

Getting ready to go out was a great time of being younger, I remember getting a bottle of Thunderbird wine from the offy, dancing in the shower with a glass or two, hair dryer and Ellnet at the ready (when I had hair) perfectly formed flat top style later and I was jigging about naked in front of the cat, wondering what to wear from the cornucopia of loud fashion shirts that I bought from the local designer...bit's washed and powdered I placed on the clothes of choice and after a couple more glasses of Thunderbird and a couple of fags felt ready to face the alternative world of a Friday night...sigh, now it's wondering whether I should really have another drink as I have to go to work in the morning, and Lisa clippers whats left of my hair so I don't end up looking Monkish...c'est la vie...

Over and out! won't be so long next time..promise!

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An Apprentice Girlfriend said...

I hate Christmas too.. I don't like traveling miles away for just one day with my significant's others family. I love them to death but they bring down the holidays when they fight!!! I get your post. I rather be that couple that starts traditions on their own and doesn't involve family gatherings.. They creep me out!!! and overload on food.. good luck!