Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Glastonbury Weekend!

Today I am angry but also excited...I am angry because my PC picked up the dreaded 'Beagle' virus and is near enough completely fucked...I am trying to rescue all the really important bits off my hard drive and will then have to re format the whole sodding thing...its a nasty little virus that somehow deletes a lot of your executables so programmes won't start up, and it also deletes anyhting to do with security maintenance etc...and before anybody says anything I was fully protected with Firewall and anti virus and spyware trackers, so fuck knows how the little bastard infiltrated me :(

I am excited because it's Glastonbury weekend, a whole weekend where there is something worth watching on TV...starts tonight at 7pm on BBC3 with the Editors etc...marvellous stuff...I have my little portable tent and calor gas stove set up in the lounge, i have also arranged for the neighbours to start shouting 'shrooms' 'shrooms' at the top of their voices at 4 in the morning and also have soaked the sleeping bag in water to get that freshly rained and dew ridden field feeling.

...ITV on the other hand have all the has beens (except for Ami W) trotting out for Nelson Mandelas 90th birthday party..god forgive us.

I am still losing weight...soon I shall look like a stick, albeit a stick that has had too many Krispy Kreme donuts and snapped off the tree because of it's weight...nevertheless a stick!

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I have just rediscovered this amazing 1981 film, it's always been one of my favourites and is now available in high definition dvd...oh the joys of modern technology...

have a great weekend...

Ciao x

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