Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tantrums and Tiramisu

Gosh...3 blog entries in 6 regimented am i being ;)

1. 30 Days of Night....
Watched this yesterday and boy oh boy its good...josh hartnett is extremely good with his little puppy's fucking scary and gruesome, just like something out of a clive barker nightmare with vampires that have big teeth and go snackity snack on the local with your throat covered up :)

2.A New Rose....
Lets talk about Gordon Brown for a minute...let me get this straight, i do see myself as a socialist but not on the same track that the current Labour Party want to lead us down...lets face it, Gordon Brown is a shit...he is the worse possible choice for leader, his speeches are boring and he won't commit to any 'proper' policies that would do the country any good...hell,lets face it he won't even commit to the people of this country that he is meant to be looking after. If we had had an election for leader of the Party, he would not be it, plain and simple...Gordon knows this, hence his backing down from announcing a General Election recently.He is scared of David Cameron, an excellent Orator and charismatic what do we do, do we really let hime ride out his 2 years? By then he will have been ousted or unelectable...c'mon Labour Party followers, lets get vocal and get someone who can deliver something to this country once and for all.

3.The Goat and the Ambush Tree (part the third)...

Thwap!....Emery looked astonished as stood before her was a Manatee flapping it's huge sloppy tail onto the dust ground beneath it..."What the fuck?" said Emery (please not that 'fuck' will be changed to 'heck' in the childrens illustrated edition).."Manatees are meant to live in water, where did you come from?"...The manatee looked puzzled for a minute and then quietly asked Emery "have you not read the bible?"
"What's that got to do with anything" muttered Emery, now looking a little scared and apprehensive.
"It tells you where I appeared from" it replied...."I have one here, I'll show you", and with that the Manatee flipped up it's tail and magically threw a bible onto the ground before Emery. It had underlined a specific passage. "Excuse the spelling mistake" the Manatee begged and so Emery read. Emery got to the bit where it says 'and people will expect Manner from Heaven'..."thats it" cried the Manatee excitedly, "it's really meant to say 'Manatees from Heaven' but they were a little shy about correcting spelling mistakes in those days".
Emery was now very puzzled indeed, she looked inquisitively at the Manatee and asked "but why?".
The Manatee asked Emery to take rest on her haunches and began to explain it's purpose as quickly as possible...(to be continued)

One singular sensation after another....roll on.....ciao x

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Anonymous said...

lol oh its so nice to have u back and on form xxx

Gordon who?

Look forward to the next post

love always
she who can not be named xxx