Thursday, October 25, 2007

ooo ee chirpy chirpy cheep cheep...

1. top tunes...

band of horses

the wombats

2. Random flashes of energy...

why is a beaver called a beaver? is there a verb that i have not heard of 'to beave'? if thats the case, what is beaveing as it sounds like it might be quite fun!

Britney Spears is a's official, really. smack headed, bald fannied, harlot starlet that thrives on bad publicity. She keeps asking for help so for gods sake somebody do it and put her out of her misery...saying that the new album is fairly listenable...therefore...full cunt status is removed and she now has the title of 'official cunt in waiting'

the pope is still a cunt....see previous blogs

In a cinema, why is there always one tiny piece of the screen that glistens bright white all through the film and really pisses you off.

I really hate walking on sticky carpets.

3.Did you fact for the day

in porn land sometimes when stars can't produce ejaculate, they mix up a batch of white cotton wool balls with nail varnish remover...apart from the smell it's quite convincing....there you go boys, if you feel tired pre fill a johnny with the mixture but whatever you do don't use it!...have your wicked way with your partner, pretend to cum, roll over, flick off the empty genuine condom and quickly pick up the pre filled one which you have secreted somewhere and hey presto...a satisfied and unaware partner with no effort on your part :)

4.The goat and the Ambush tree (part 2)

'Yes', Emery thought, 'This is indeed a strange and peculiar day'...She heard a voice resounding louder at terrifying speed coming towards her.thwap! be continued.

I'll be back before ye know it....ciao

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