Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We'll meet again..etc etc etc...

friends, romans and countrymen lend me your ears...

First of all I have an 'I told you so' moment to report...i wonder who it was about 6 months ago told you to look out for a girl singer called Corinne Bailey-Rae and told you that she was going to be a big hit...yes it was me and i was right, top 10 single and first album flying off the shelves as we speak...isn't it a great feeling to be right! lol

I have just endured a humiliating de-hairing so as to ready myself for the operation on do you ladies stand the smell of burning hair and chemicals...pheweee!

This will be my last entry for a while as I will be a bit debilhitated, Steve is going to try and post a couple of blogs just to let you all know how i am getting on...and if I can find someway to access the internet myself I will (if i feel that i can type coherent sentences lol).

Haven' t really got a lot to say at the moment as I can only concentrate on the few days that I have ahead of me...we will have a blog from Matt tomorrow as usual and I will hopefully speak to you all very soon
Peace and Out
Neil x

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