Thursday, March 02, 2006

...skreee was the noise of the wild killer squirrels!....

It’s interesting how things turn out after a long time. The longer I spend on this planet the more I think it’s a small world. For instance I was trawling through the photos on FLICK’R ( the other day when I came across an old friend. We originally met 18 years ago in what feels like another life, and lost touch about 10 years ago. Well after I had picked myself up off the keyboard I sent him a message half of me thinking that it must be a different person, and a reply came back very quickly indeed see computers really can be a force for good in the world. It’s a funny old place the world and long may it continue to be so.

Writing is a strange thing and one that I did not take very seriously until quite recently. Apart from the odd card and letter I do not think I had written more than the odd line since I was at school. And let’s face it when you are at school being set a task to write an essay on something that has no interest to you is not the way to encourage the inner Thomas Hardy. Anyway the reason I am saying this is that until very recently I had not appreciated writers block. I thought you could sit down and write pages about anything you fancied, the words just falling out on to the page. And in many ways they do, for instance the time it takes me to write a page has dramatically reduced since I first started. But you know during this last week I had loads of ideas about my little once weekly ramble. I was going to write about……….. and that’s the problem I sat down in front of the keyboard and my mind went blank, total void all I remember is that I had lots of ideas but I can’t even remember the subjects I was going to work on let alone any detail.

But as it happens that’s Ok because this is the last blog for a few weeks and my mind will have more than enough time to regroup and recharge. The reason we are off the air is as I am sure you know unless you have just joined us, or come from mars, or read the Sun in which case your excused because as we all know Sun readers are at the very shallowest end of the gene pool. (Its OK they will not get that last comment as most readers of the Sun think that the “gene pool” is the place that Levis take there denim to wash it until it fades)The blog master is off for a little holiday with Mr BUPA. My friend Neil is off to having surgery and I am sure you would all like to join me in wishing him a very speedy recovery. And I will be back as soon as Neil feels like switching on a computer and asking for contributions to this little piece of the web.

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