Tuesday, March 28, 2006

just lubberly!...

Well you would think with three weeks off this writing malarkey would be a doodle well you are absolutely.. wrong

Three weeks ago I could have filled this blog with lots of useless information and glorious snippets about things that had happened and what was happening in my small insignificant life but a lot happens in three weeks and so here we are now sat in front of the computer screen with fingers poised on the keyboard and the only thing drifting around my small grey cells is what the hell can I write about!!!!!

I have to say that it is great that Neil is now home from Hospital and I the care he received in Bedford Hospital was brilliant (he may disagree but I know he has a few stories to tell should he ever wish to regale you with them)

I can only speak for myself when I say that it was a complete shock when Neil told me he had Cancer, and when he went into for his Operation I cant imagine what he was going through, I have to thank Neil’s Mum Shirley who was great being able to phone someone and tell them how he was doing was an enormous help.

I was petrified when I went down to see him a few hours after his op in ICU I had no idea what to expect, but none were realised, Neil was awake and rather chatty for a change although he has no recollection of any conversations that day.

Anyway I just wanted to say I am so pleased that Neil is home and I hope that he takes the advice and doesn’t rush back to work too soon

While Neil was entertaining the Nurses in Hospital we had the delights of the Commonwealth Games and of course who can miss the Apprentice – if I was Alan Sugar I would have fired the of them by now I appreciate they only had a day to come up with a ad but I have to agree both were cringe worthy telly and both resemble d 70`s porn (not that I have seen any but I take the word of a few people I know who have) Cant wait for this weeks episode Brummy Jo selling cars.

Anyway short but sweet don’t want to give you too much you may want more !

Take care

Lisa xx

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mcaretaker said...

Nice to see you writing again