Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transient hamsters are the reason for job losses...


well what a shambles Glastonbury Festival has turned out to be this serious headliners (Jay Z, Neil Diamond and Leonard Cohen? WTF?) loads of unsold tickets (last festival they were sold within two hours, it's overpriced itself out of reach with a crap lineup...Michael Eavis has possibly gone quite mad! His daughter Emily is just massaging her ego...they did rescue themselves with one band though 'Band of Horses' who happen to be on my most played list....but I am not paying 160 pounds to see one band in three swamp filled days (it will be a miracle if it's not!).
It's a real shame but if this is the way things are going to go then I think Glastonbury ought to bow out gracefully before the rot sets in even further.
Glastonbury Festival R.I.P.

A defining moment from Faithless (Glastonbury 2002)

Well what I predicted would happen in Zimbabwe did happen...Mugabe and his drunken machete wielding troops are once again running riot on peaceful villages and towns, white farmers are being terrorised even further and nobody seems strong enough over there to get rid of him...I say Enough is Enough, let him face the special forces...Bring it on!

I felt I was in an episode of Sex and the City last night, I went with a friend to a friends house where there was also another friend who joined us. The next three hours were spent with coffee, chinese food, ruminating over decent revenge tactics, what we like in bed, how to keep a man, how to get a man, how to get rid of a man when you don't want him was exhausting but deliciously day I may write my memoirs in which I will go into greater detail...but in the meantime, you know who you are ;)

Album of the week

Yes, i know it's the film trailer but the album is terrific too !

have a nice couple of good to each other :)
ciao x

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