Sunday, March 16, 2008

one eye jack's still a peepin'...

First thing i want to say is ...Fuck you Alistair Darling and your fucking budget...I now nominate you cunt of the year and I really don't think anything will top it. Why the anger?...I'll tell you why, it's always the same people that get help in this country, married couples, children and older people...oh..and the rich...yet again there is nothing to help the single people of this country or those in same sex relationships. Labour has lost my vote, the party is now just another branch of the Conservative Party and if someone paid me 5000 pounds to leave the country I would gladly do so!

I also feel very cultured today as I have bought a ticket to a very posh you might think...but wait, it's a freaky mind fuck opera which has been based on David Lynch's masterpiece 'Lost Highway''s being produced by the English National Opera and the production promises audio visuals, electronic treatments and spatially confusing utterly thrilling, can't wait to get to The Young Vic to see it on April 7th...the great news is it's only 30 pounds per ticket :)

Piddy's Playlist Classic

Sparks - Perfume

Piddy's DVD Release of the week

An Awesome bloody film!

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