Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Editors....watching All Sparks

hi kids...Doesn't two weeks fly when you are having fun...took a little holiday but back now and raring not to go!

We went off to see 'The Editors' a few days ago at the wondrous Alexandra Palace in Londinium...what a gig....a very cool affair indeed!
The train down was fine and we landed at St Pancras International Sattion/Airport in the early evening...You could see the tension and excitement in Little Lisa's eyes as we boarded the tube towards Wood Green (on the piccadilly line, 7 stops) and travelled towards our destination.
Once out of the tube we had the thrill of taking a free shuttle bus up to the Palace...I had considered walking when I first saw my multimap print out of our route...but no fucker tells you that the route is just one totally huge hill...and so I'm glad we didn't...we were thrown onto the bus and herded upstairs where I sat next to a lovely girl who smiled at me knowingly thinking 'he's so excited'...Lisa sat up the fron a few seats forward. One big hill later and we arrived at the Palace...what an awesome building it is, harking back to times gone by and the thing that i detest most in this world, royalty. Great venue though...gigantically huge...we found our way into the great hall after a running buffet of Hot dog and spring roll (at very reasonable prices I must add) and stood and waited for the first band to appear...

Friends like these...mobius band

The mobius Band are an ultra hip ensemble who threw us into a magical world of elctro indie rock....excellent display of musicianship and showmanship....their time with us was too short...i should really like to partake of musical exposure with them once more.

Sons and Daughters - Guilt complex

Sons and Daughters took to the stage next and although not as good as the mobius band they were enjoyable for a while...I just kept getting taken back to the sound of The Revillos from my new wave days...even close enough to say that Adele could be the bastard daughter of Fay from The Revillos :)
They are from Glasgow, they were produced by Brett from Suede, they are a festival band, watch them fly!

Then onto the main set...the lights lowered, the screams resounded around the cavernous auditorium, the stage lights lit up wildly and there was Tom playing his keyboards right in front of us...woo hoo!

An End Has a Start - The Editors

what then took place was a 75 minute power walk through the hits of one of the most musically brilliant bands around at the moment...the sound was spot on, everyone was having fun, Tom did his funny little microphone movements (to lisas delight)

Munich - The editors

...we all did the bouncy bouncy (well, because i is so tall I just nodded my head up and down to look like I was bouncing!)...singing, singing, singing, wanting more...a great great show...the encore came upon us and two thirds the way thyrough the sound was pulled...they had gone over the 10.30pm limit as set by the local council and so they just pulled the plug!..that was quite shocking but the band and the crowd took it mostly in good humour...after an excellent gig like that you couldn't help but just to smile...

All Sparks - The Editors

ciao xx

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