Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday morning...17 days before xmas and i have those of you who have suffered know how damn wretched i feel today, so don't expect me to be nice ;)

1) I am currently working on a compensation claim to get all the extra milk money that i have been overcharged back...with that money i plan to buy a sterile cow and make my own milk therefore never having to spend money on milk ever again. Oh, but then i have to feed the cow, clean the cows arse, massage it's udders, shovel up shit, buy hay for bedding....fuck that, pass me the tetra pak...i'll pay, you can hold me to ransom Mr big fat greedy supermarket boss.

2) Woo hoo! Goldfrapp concert ticket on the way!...they are playing at the union chapel in London in March to celebrate the release of their new's only a tiny place (the bbc have used it on numerous occasions for their bbc sessions slot) and i have been lucky enough to get one...can't wait to see allison and will again :)

3) heard two tracks off the Moby album due in February...I was a little scared by his press release and the amount of rappers that are on the album, but the couple of tracks i heard were truly marvellous and for the list i believe.

4) who agrees with me that 'Canoe man' is a fuckwit...and I for one don't believe that his sons were not party to the deception. The 'Reggie Perrin' trick was quite well executed until he had himself snapped for a website pic...what a tosser lol...some people are born into life to create deception and fraud...this family didn't even come close....I hope they lock them all away for a thousand years or more!

5) So Joe Strummers wife finally gets to sorting out his belongings only five years after his death...what did she find? plastic bags full of tat which she has said is a treasure trove of lyrics, napkins, toilet paper (i lied about the last one) from each tour of duty that he went add to it all she is going to put it all together in a 'beautiful book' with help from Damien Hirst which will probably cost an absolute fortune...hmmm, does this project really have anything to do with Joe's oroginal vision of anarchy and punk, i don't think just smacks to me of 'what shall i do now the royalties are drying up a bit'...let me tell you though i shall probably be first in the queue to buy one (that really is how shallow i am!)

6)Top Tune

7) Top Film

ciao babies x

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