Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Anger is not a word to be used lightly...

Below I have posted the most offensive and chilling piece of crap that I have ever come across on the internet. That so called 'religious'group, the Westboro Baptist church, have been at it again, stirring up the public by expressing their obscene personal views to music. Shirley Phelps - Roper is a vile and dangerous woman, who should at least be committed for mental health reasons. These Americans are allowed to go around spreading hatred due to the 5th amendment covering free speech. The only way people are able to stop them is by Private litigation and even then when they lose a case and have to pay costs of around 750,000 pounds they still get to carry on. In England things would be different, what do you think would happen if someone released a track called 'kill all the fags' or 'hang a jew'...it is beyond belief that a power such as the American Government can let this behaviour carry on...or are they all secret 'fag bashers'?

Today on a Tuesday early morning..I am really really angry.
For an extremely vile use of manipulation watch the last 30 seconds of the clip if you really can't face anymore...

http://view.break.com/278059 - Watch more free videos

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