Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hi all...hope everyone is enjoying lovely weather...lots happening round here, prince ticket frenzy, live earth ticket frenzy, music festivals have started (even though I am now an armchair festival goer and rely on the digital red button for my festival fun)

On another forum that I belong too someone asked what your favourite youtube clip was, it took me a while but I came up with this one which is the crazy christian US wife swap have to watch it in full, it's simply amazing lol

Just listening to lots of good stuff at the moment..Tangerine Dream 'spring in Nagasaki', a beautiful piece composed privately for a japanese businessman...well worth a listen...also an amazing mix by Fred deakin called 'the triptych', a 3 cd set that mixes drum and bass up with siouxsie and the banshees via disco and rock gods! has to be heard to be believed...

More coming to enjoy the weather on the roof with my instant barbecue box :)

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