Monday, May 07, 2007

Prince is coming!, Prince is coming!

ओह थे जोय, थे एक्ष्कितेमेन्त्...प्रिन्स इस फिनाल्ल्य किंग बैक तो लोंदों

Yes you saw right...Prince is playing the O2 arena in greenwich for 14 dates (i Believe) from the 1st August to the 14th August which means he will play for me on my idea how much tickets are yet but i bet they are a lot considering he has been charging 312 dollars to see him in las vegas!...I am sure it won't be as expensive as the glorious barbra streisand at 600 pounds a ticket (yes you read that right!) but i gave her a miss this time!

More news?...nothing else today as nothing else matters...Prince is coming !

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