Sunday, March 25, 2007

Raw and Live!

The heading? not me, my food. I have started my adventures in raw and live food and it's a fascinating journey through the propogation of sprouts to the wonders of what happens when you food process walnuts, carob powder and dates together to create a non dairy and non wheat chocolate cake. . . oh i do like my food experimenting...just waiting for the delivery of my dehydrator on Tuesday and watch me fly!

I've now officially forgotten what sex is...thats it, I'm on the shelf, unwanted and unloved like the shop soiled kettle with the damaged box...reduced to a good offer and still nobody wants it...who am I going to ply my damaged goods to now!...I need a vegetarian geeky looking person who makes me laugh...thats all i ask in life, I'm a lot less fussy these days :) ...someone like Henry from accounts off 'Ugly Betty', if you look like that please contact me as soon as possible.

There have been so many films out recently but I do have 2 to reccomend to you today, '300' , an awesome part animated blood and sandals epic that really kicks ass...made in the same sort of vein as 'Sin City' '300' looks phenomenal and has turned extreme violence into an exercise in balletic display. Also on offer is 'Bobby' which is a tremendous film set on the day of the assasination of Robert Kennedy, 22 peoples stories (so many famous stars to shake a stick at) entwined on one fateful's very moving, dramatic, well fact it's a fucking great movie, what was more astonishing is that it was directed by Emilio Estevez and I can still say that it's brilliant!

Music wise it's been a bit dull but we are loving the beautiful new Kosheen album, also the album by OneTwo (claudia brucken from propoganda and paul humphreys from OMD), also honourable mentions go to macy gray and also The Besnard Lakes whose albums are currently on my playlist.

Gossip?...well my workmate 3steel is deserting me for pastures new...they all leave in the end :(

also which ex Primark wannabe is currently looking to hold meetings to pursue a part time career in tip making? this space...

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