Monday, November 27, 2006

Madonna - Live Confessions

Woo Hoo!...what a great show on Channel 4 last night, beautifully filmed and edited and a real peak performance. Lisa and I were texting and talking like mad between ad breaks. Lisa called Madge a cow for being so fit at fifty, all I could muster was the suprise that she didn't have a flabby minge when prancing around in her leotard :)
It was great to see the crucifixion scene in full as they edited it out when showing it to our american cousins (yah boo sucks ! and all that)

Just a quick update since we last met, I'm now holding a part time job as well at a Funeral Directors as a chapel attendant, it's a nice job and it's a very positive thing seeing people get closure with their loved ones :)

Still single...another lonely christmas :(

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Anonymous said...

I thought I would check this out to see if there was anymore to be had from you and i could not believe my eyes a little message from you oh its great to have you back - and congratulations on the new job

Please drop by and leave us mere mortals messages we miss you much and your friends too what has been happening in all your lives please tell us