Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vodaphone are thieves!....

Some of you might have read the little piece I wrote about the fun or not I had upgrading my mobile phone, well just to finish off my airtime supplier bowled one last fantastic googly at me whilst I was on holiday last week. And from talking to other people they are not alone. So as a warning to all here is the final part I hope of the Vodafone saga.

During the negotiations to replace my handset I had been informed that the cost would be £50, but not to worry because as my line rental is going to be £25 per month if they gave me two free months that would offset the cost and I would not end up paying anything else a month. This all seemed fine and I was happy after all I had my new handset the monthly bill I wanted for the min’s I was going to use and I had avoided the hassle of changing my number over to another provider. The new handset arrived on time and all worked well, I should have known. About ten day latter a bill arrives from Vodafone and I expect to see the normal £25 and nothing more. My heart nearly stopped the bill in my hand was for £95 and there was no call charges. I was on the phone and talking to a customer services rep within the minute and I left him in no doubt that there was a problem. Representative one was very good understood what I said and agreed there was a mistake, told me that the £95 wrong and should only be £25 and that as I had contacted them very quickly they could stop the bill being processed so that the amount would not be taken by direct debit on the 25th July but the original £25 would be. And as a way of saying sorry and as a kind of compensation I could have another month’s free line rental so that would make three. I then pointed out that they were just about to charge me for a month and could that be the free one. “No problem” came the reply and I put the phone down a happier man.

I then went on holiday, got back home a week later and switched on the computer to check my bank balances and move some money around. A not so small direct debit on the 25th caught my eye; Vodafone had taken the £95 Hmmmm fucking bastards I new it was too good to be true. I must say that Vodafone do answer there complaints hot line very promptly. After a very firm conversation explaining everything again and the guy on the other end listening and checking there records I was informed that customer services rep one was wrong and that the £95 was correct, Hmmm. After a good few min’s of arguing Vodafone finally came up with a compromise. But I had to threaten to send the handset back cancel the contract and go to court, not you understand over the £95 if that was indeed true and correct then I would pay it but over the way that Vodafone had miss sold there products in the first place.

You see when I got to the bottom of the problem the story was a little different to the one I was told when signing up. The hand set was going to cost me £50 but they could not give me free line rental and spread the cost over two months. I had to pay for the phone up front and then the next two would be free. Not what I was told at the time, also the original sales rep forgot to mention one or two little additional costs, so it does make you think what else is hiding around the corner. Mobile phone companies are up there with second hand car sales men and estate agents. Both jobs I have done in the past so I know what I am talking about. Seriously though make sure you know exactly what you have taken on and read the small print, you have been warned.

I have just been informed that this is the last blog that I will be writing on this particular site, it’s been fun, a pain, and an experience, and a great pleasure and a joy all rolled into one. I have been active in one or two other forums for some time so I will still be ranting somewhere out there. Until we meet again I thank you and good night.
Matt x

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