Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's lisa time!

Ladeeeezzzz and genelmen...will you bow down before the goddess known as ................LISA !!

Thanks Neil for the opportunity to write on your blog and for ruining my life from now lol –

Unless I suddenly developed dementia or loss of hearing I had no idea I was the guest blogger this week until I read about it on Saturday night and since then I have been racking my brain to think of something to write about. I could have written about what it was like to be single but Gina beat me to that one – I thought about writing about becoming 40 in a few months time but Matt got that one in.
I thought about writing about my life but that would have won an award for the shortest blog in living history lol I don’t know how Neil manages to write every day!

I did think about not writing the blog altogether and taking the whipping :-) but thought that might be too much enjoyment for one night.

So here I am
I then thought about writing about last nights banned season on Channel 4 but Neil bloody beat me to that as well – so I thought about writing about a really good book I am reading at the moment no self help book this time but Bill Bryson`s A short History of Nearly Everything but after thinking for a few minutes I thought no give the people what they want so I thought I would keep up with Neil and talk about fetishes –

I had a friend who had a very strange fetish well strange to me he loves feet (me I personally have a dislike to them I cant think of anything worse than feet – but my friend loved them he worshipped feet. Most people have a certain thing or part of the body that interests them for most men its breast but for my friend it another part of the woman body its their feet he found just looking at a naked foot very satisfying. He only liked woman who had small feet but all they had to do was take their shoes off and wriggle their toes or stretch them and that was enough for him. So I thought I would have a look on the world wide web for fetishes and after trawling through thousands of sites all in the aid of research I hasten to add I found some truly mind boggling fetishes but thought I would only tell you briefly about two and let you have a look at your pleasure lol.


I saw this name appear on the fetish screen and could not think for the life of me what a plushie is a thought entered my head perhaps someone who likes their partner to parade around in plush slippers and the sight of them makes them go weak at the knees.
So I clicked on the link and spent the next ten minutes laughing – the mind boggles a plushie is a stuffed animal, like a teddy bear. Plushie is short for Plushophile an adult who loves or is attracted to stuffed animals!
But it gets worse some of them then go on to wear full-costume to make them look like there favourite animal. Like the ones worn by amusement park – these are called `fursuits`.
I have to say that some `Plushies` do not go on to have sexual relationships with their cuddly toys some just want to cuddle them, but for others it can develop into a relationship and for some just sniffing the scent of their plushie can make them peak.
The site I found even explained how you can explore this if you want to and instructions of washing your plushie.

Lets just say all my plushies went in the bin lol and I will never be able to go to Disneyland and look at Mickey and Minnie again without looking out for a plushie!

Should any of you wish to check out any strange fetishes that you are keeping hidden the link is www.sexuality.org/fetish. So the question I want to ask is when is the next fancy dress party and can we all dress up as plushies please

I recommend reading the one about enemas it gives you a good description of the equipment you will need to carry out the enema on your partner and some household items you can buy from a DIY shop.

Well enjoy the read I am off to the local hardware shop I hear they do a good range of hoses and funnels – now all I need is a willing vict oops sorry partner maybe Neil could help me out purely for scientific reasons of course




piddy77 said...

I always wondered why i like rolling around naked on my fur throw!

piddy77 said...

i also want to know how lisa came across enemas anyway...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Great blog Lisa. If word gets out they (meaning the lets make every think sanitised and clinical politicaly correct loby) will be baning furry toys from kids and young babies next. M

Anonymous said...

WOW Lisa, why did I know you would come up with things I had never heard of. Fantastic, can't wait to check out the link! Gx

Anonymous said...

Well done Lisa!

Loved the subject matter! CSI (a wonderful program) had an episode involving Plushies they are really into it in the USA apparently !

Shazza. (aka Neils big sis)

Anonymous said...

thank you for all your lovely comments - and a big thanks to shazza neils sister for commenting when i told Neil about what i was doing research on he said about the CSI show doing a programme on plushies - everytime i see a cuddly toy it brings a shudder lol and then neil tells me that he was thinking of dressing in a fur costume for comic relief you can only imagine the look of horror on my face lol -

Lotsa love Lisa xxxxxxxx